Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Tavish Newsboy Hat Crochet

The newest pattern added to my shop

The Tavish Newsboy Hat 

You will find the PDF Instant Download available in my Ravelry Shop 



  1. Megan - This is Traci from Simplicity Parenting. I'm wondering if you saw that you won the giveaway for Waldorf U with Donna Ashton! I'm looking for your email so I can connect the two of you. Congratulations and thanks so much for participating.

    You can email me at

    1. Hello Traci,
      I am glad that you posted here, as I hadn't been online for a couple of days and hadn't realized I won that giveaway!
      I am so thrilled!
      I have emailed you in reply - but thought I would comment here in case it failed to go through.
      The email I can be contacted at is;
      loopykidz (at)

      Thank you!