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What is popular among baby-gift-givers right now? 

The "Lovey" ! 

You can find all sorts of them around now! 
A Tardis, a Princess, Totoro, Minions and even the Lorax
Anything you can imagine, people are making into a Lovey! 

The general idea of them is quite simple. 
You take a small plush toy/figure and you add a small snuggle sized blanket to it.
Introducing .......

The Ninja Lovey! 

Once again, inspired by a custom order request, I've created some crochet goodness I can hardly wait to share with you!
I apologize in advance for the roughness of this pattern ... my children have given up naps ! *yawn*

If you have any questions as you are working it PLEASE ask! I will be happy to help out if I can. 

In order to make this pattern you will need to have a basic level of crochet knowledge. 
You will be using the following techniques;

MR - magic ring (if you don't know how to do this, there are many great tutorials on YouTube)
CH - chain
SLST - slip stitch
SC - single crochet
SCinc - single crochet increase (single crochet 2 in one space)
INVdec - invisible decrease an awesome tutorial for this can be found here
DC - double crochet

Pattern Notes
At the end of each round you will see a number in brackets { } this is the total stitch count for that round. 

The Ninja head is worked in the round. Do NOT join after each round. Using a stitch marker will help you to keep track of your rounds. 

For the blanket part of this project, you can customize to your desires. You can continue working in the "Granny" pattern for as long as you would like! I have done mine for a total of 9 rounds, to make it light and easy for a small tot to snuggle. However if you are making it for a larger child, you may want to continue making it larger. 

Materials Needed 
Worsted Weight Yarn (black, white and yellow)
E/4 (3.50mm) Hook 
H/8 (5mm) Hook
Stuffing material - I used recycled polyester fill
Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle


Ninja Head
using E/4 hook and black yarn
  1. MR, CH1, SC 10x into ring. Pull tight to close. {10sc}
  2. SCinc around {20sc}
  3. *SCinc, SC*, repeat from *to* around {30sc}
  4. SC in each stitch around {30sc}
  5. repeat Round 4
  6. repeat Round 4
  7. repeat Round 4
  8. repeat Round 4
  9. repeat Round 4
  10. repeat Round 4
  11. repeat Round 4
  12. repeat Round 4
  13. repeat Round 4
  14. repeat Round 4
  15. *INVdec, SC* repeat from *to* around {20sc} stuff lightly
  16. INVdec around {10sc} stuff more firmly
  17. INVdec to close. 
Fasten off leaving tail to sew shut. 

using H/8 hook and black yarn
attach your yarn to the bottom of the Ninja Head - at the 16th Round.
  1. CH3, SLST to join about 1cm to the left of where you attached your yarn. CH3, SLST about 1cm to the left. again. Continue doing this (8x total) to create an octagon of CH3 loops on the bottom of the head. Join with SLST to first loop created. 
  2. CH2, (DC3x, CH1, DC3x) in the first loop ~corner made~ , DC3x in the next loop, (DC3x, CH1, DC3x) in the next loop, DC3x in the next loop, (DC3x, CH1, DC3x) in the next loop, DC3x in the next loop, (DC3x, CH1, DC3x) in the next loop, DC3x in the next loop - join with SLST into beginning DC
Continue to make a Granny Square of sorts by working (DC3x, CH1, DC3x) into each CH1 corner space, and DC3x into each space between. 

Does that make sense?
I've been told this isn't a "real" Granny Square, but to be quite honest ... I don't care! It works for what I need! Hahaha

After you have worked the blanket part to your liking, attach the yellow yarn (or continue using black if you prefer) and SC around the entire edge of the blanket, placing 3SC in each corner. 
Join. Fasten off, and weave in ends. 

Ninja Face
using E/4 hook and white yarn

CH9, SC in 2nd CH from hook, and each one across, place 3SC in the last CH and turn so you are working in the remaining CH loop, SC in each ST across placing 2SC in the last loop. SLST to join.
Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing to the head. 

Position head. I placed mine just below the 6th Round.
Using your yarn needle, sew into place. 

Using black yarn and your yarn needle, make two small straight stitches to create the eyes. 

Ninja Star
For the Ninja Star I used this pattern HERE

When you've finished the star, sew into place on one of the front corners. 
Weave in your ends, and there you have it! 



**** please note that none of my FREE PATTERNS have been tested, aside from being worked up by me. If you find any errors, or have difficulty with the pattern, please feel free to contact me or comment here!
Thank you!

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